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This website is dedicated to one thing only - femdom / female domination. Thanks to this selection of clips, you will be able to understand that female supremacy is not just about ballbusting or violent pegging - there is also deep psychological domination that we can admire here.


Perfectly Pathetic - Watch the Best Female Dom Content

There are clips featuring small and average-sized GFs that finally embrace their affinity for being in charge... These chicks are at the forefront of amateur female dominating content. There is a very nice selection of non-professional clips and movies that all celebrate the hotness of being in a female dominant state of mind. Do not be put off by the fact that some of the kinky women seem just too soft to be doing this. Do not be put off by the fact that some scenes feature authentic dialogue. It's all a part of the amateur femdom video experience and it is something that will end up becoming some of your favorites. So enjoy the best real-life female dom videos that are available on the web today!

Of course, there are also enough femdom porn releases here that showcase real-life pornstars. An adult movie superstar that becomes a Femdom Goddess on the screen is something that many people do not expect to see. But once you see an A-lister in action, it just sort of clicks for you - femdom clips with real-life porn superstars are the pinnacle of female domination porn.

New Genres and Diverse Femdom Porno Library

Femdom has certainly moved on from its origins of hardcore BDSM. Today, you are going to find this library loaded with enticing offshoots that everyone seems to love a lot, including CBT and ballbusting porn. Those are more on the fringe side of things with three of the most mainstream genres being Cuckold, Femdom POV, and Strapon. In addition to this unholy trinity, this site has lots of intense femdom to offer, including the above-mentioned ballbusting femdom, CBT mistress content, foot worship, and mixed/overlapping genres such CBT Ballbusting Girl.

Thanks to huge demand from our audience, there are new and exciting femdom girls being added to the roster thanks to the fact that there are new scenes being added. Pornographic updates happen all the time with new videos being added to the collection all the time. Some of them are not fit to be featured on the main page due to their extreme nature. For instance, we can't openly promote a CBT porn scene in which a ballbusting mistress straight-up turns her sub's genitals into a fucking bruised crater.

One more thing that is important to note is that most femdom mistress movies are available in Full-HD 1080p, Ultra-HD 2160p, etc. It is pivotal to enjoy CBT femdom and ballbusting goddess movies in the highest quality in order to make the most out of your femdom video experience. That being said, there is no need to worry because even the most fringe porn can also deliver premium quality pornographic experience that really makes you fall in love with the genre once again.